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Miller loves his mother so dearly, he’d do everything to be with his mom, though he decided to travel far away from his home; was excited so much as he was eager to learn new things from him journey with his companion Otis. Miller still thinks his mom is the best and wants to be with his mom no matter how far away he would be.

This story is about love, friendship, exploration, disciplines, and family. Through this wonderful story, we can learn a lot from Miller as we always want to live a meaningful life just like Miller himself. . .

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The Turtle, the Rabbit were living in a little forest together with other little animals ...Everyday the Turtle was busy doing many good things diligently to help the community, while the Rabbit was always seeking out mischievous tricks to disturb everybody for his own pleasure. But he finally became the victim of his tricks, and it was those fellows that saved him hen he was in danger.

Since then, he understood that the real pleasure of our life is when we can forget ourselves and bring happiness to everybody. The mischievous Rabbit scatters sadness while the kind-hearted Turtle brings Faith. .

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In the past, Wang Hung Kings 6th , after finishing suppress enemy India , King intends throne to his son.

Spring occasion , meeting new king of the princes , saying : "I do find delicious food , to present the most significant engines , then we will transfer to the throne."

The prince raced search of strange delicacies offered to his father , hoping to get his throne .

Meanwhile , the 18th son of King Hung , the urologist there is meek ​​personality , lifestyle ethics , filial to their parents . Since their mother died , lacking only the drawing, so he does not worry how .

One day , urologist Gods dreamed to have said: "Hey baby , things in heaven and earth no quarter in rice , because rice is food to feed you . Should I just get round glutinous rice cake and square, to form Heaven and Earth objects . sheath take leaves , put people in crumbs , to figurative birth Parents "

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